The Beginning

I have struggled with my body for years now. I currently have issues with emotional eating, secretly indulging (bingeing) on food when others are not around to “judge me”. I have on numerous occasions sabotaged my own fat loss success by engaging in the above mentioned behaviors.

When I was 23 I made the snap decision to move interstate (from Adelaide to Melbourne) with my best mate. We had been on a snow trip together (the best snow trip) and had returned home with new levels of confidence, and the crazy idea we were moving!! Within a month we had packed our cars up with all the important stuff, shoes, clothes, music… more shoes and we were on our way. I had arranged a job transfer with the company I worked for and my best mate had organised a perfect little unit for us to live in. For me this was huge and it was my first glimpse into how simple it really was to change my life.

Fast forward about 4 years from when I moved to Melbourne and I was in a rut. I had changed jobs and was working in an office job I disliked more and more, day by day. All of a sudden (at least that’s what it felt like) my pants didn’t fit, my t-shirts didn’t fit, my bloody underwear didn’t fit and BAM I was Fat. Correction I had Fat… All over me.

I have had success with losing the fat and changing my body, however after making the decision to change my career path I found myself working full time, studying part time and trying to manage life the same way I was before… it didn’t work. I love training but more often than not I found I was fighting with myself to just go and get a workout done. Surprise I put fat back on!! I am tired of this perpetual cycle and its time to change.

I am here to be open and honest about what goes on behind my doors in the hope that other women will open up and start recognising their own self sabotaging habits. I would love to hear your stories and comments below.

Let’s all live a little braver each day, break free and chase your dreams.



12 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Congrats on your blog and for having the bravery to put your battle in “print”. So many of us women have faced struggles with emotional eating, self sabotage and body issues. I look forward to following your courageous journey.

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  2. Beautifully written!! I’m applauding your bravery as not many women will own up to what goes on behind closed doors. Owning this brings you one step further to your goal…can’t wait to see what’s next! X

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  3. This stronge, inspiring women is my best friend. Her new found strength to do what she feel passionate about has given me the little push I needed to help me be fit. I am not talking becoming a super model but just a healthier version of me. Whilst my journey is not focused on weight loss it is about a fit mental health. Getting fit to give me back my confidence and to help the stress of my job not effect who I am. Can’t wait to watch brochelle new journey support so many other people on the journey to there goals.

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  4. Amazing! A perfect introduction to what I know will be a challenging yet successful journey. Your honesty and courage is so raw and true for many women out there. I think we can all relate! I can’t wait for you to share more with us all. Congratulations on your blog, Brochelle xox

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  5. What an amazing and inspirational blog you have Brochelle! I look forward to seeing all the achievements you are going to make in this new chapter of your life and at the same time give me the motivation to make some better lifestyle choices.
    Best of luck xx

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  6. This and you are amazing Brochelle, I adore your “I had fat” comment rather than I was fat! THE BEST way to look at it, best I have ever heard! Will be using that from now on!

    I first met you running the Stampede obstacle race and you amazed me then, can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future. xx

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  7. I weighed 376 and by being honest and continuing to aspire to be naked but not ashamed, I have lost 118 pounds so far. Nothing is impossible if we are honest and face our demons. You can do this! 😊


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