Choc Chia Pudding

I first tried Chia Pudding about 6 months ago, I was eating a pre made version which I had bought from the store. One very tiny bowl for one very high price. My work colleague mentioned that she had been making Chia Pudding at home and that it was stupidly simple. I hadn't given it … Continue reading Choc Chia Pudding

Brochelle’s Blueberry & Coconut Muffins

Muffins... I REALLY like muffins. I also like baking...  I always have this disappointing moment when I eat a traditional or store bought muffin; The not so enjoyable tummy ache afterwards, which usually last much longer than the muffin did. Muffins are usually sugar loaded (even the gluten free ones, don't be fooled by that … Continue reading Brochelle’s Blueberry & Coconut Muffins

Trigger Happy

I ponder this quite a bit… Where do all these feelings and this constant fight with food come from? Why do I have such a bad relationship with food? For me (as least part of it) came from growing up feeling restricted. We didn’t have a lot of money so food was quite often simple … Continue reading Trigger Happy

The Beginning

I have struggled with my body for years now. I currently have issues with emotional eating, secretly indulging (bingeing) on food when others are not around to “judge me”. I have on numerous occasions sabotaged my own fat loss success by engaging in the above mentioned behaviors. When I was 23 I made the snap … Continue reading The Beginning